What is RealScale?

RealScale is an Austin, TX-based technology company. We develop innovative AI technology dedicated to minimizing the time you spend on transaction coordination + compliance so that you can focus on scaling your business. We launched in late 2019. Since then, we’ve managed over 22,000 transactions, $22B in total sales, and have worked with thousands of agents across the US.

What do you cover? Can I see your task lists?

Yes, here they are!

Can I work with the same TC every time?

Yes! You'll work with the same Transaction Coordinator every time.

Can I call/text my TC?

While your Transaction Coordinator will primarily communicate with you via email, you will also have a dedicated Account Manager who is available for calls/texts 9-5p Monday through Friday! Your Account Manager will coordinate with your TC on any questions/requests made over the phone/text.

Do you write contracts or amendments?

We can’t fill out any contracts/addenda/amendments for you, but we’re always happy to tee these up for signatures or initials when needed. If you’d like us to cover this, then just send over the completed document and we’ll get the signatures/initials using our e-signature system HelloSign.

How and when should I send you my contract?

Here's what's great: you don't even have to send us your contract! Just sign in to our app with our Google-approved email integration, and our algorithm will automatically grab new contracts + addenda/disclosures from your Gmail inbox. We'll notify you that we've received your new contract and we'll go ahead & get started.

Do I have to use the email integration?

If you would prefer to not enable the email integration, then you may simply email your contracts to [email protected] to get started. Because we operate most efficiently with the email integration enabled, please note that if you prefer to email your contracts, the fee for the transaction will be $250 per file (versus just $200 with the email integration enabled). We highly encourage you to use the integration, because it's a much smoother process and it is cheaper!

Do you enter listings into MLS?

We jump in when you have an executed contract, so we don’t enter listings into your MLS, but we will update your MLS listing statuses to ‘Under Contract’ and ‘Sold’!

Will you work inside of my SkySlope/KW Command/Dotloop, etc?

Yes! We use our own powerful platform to manage our tasks, but we’ll also work inside your CRM and compliance systems so that you don’t have to. We know how to use every major CRM, transaction management system, and document management system on the market.

Do you handle compliance work?

Yes! We’ll gather all the compliance documents you need, and we’ll also make sure they are properly signed & initialed by all parties. We’ll also submit your compliance package to your compliance department on your behalf.

Can you customize things for me?

Yes! We encourage you to let us use our highly optimized workflows as much as possible, but we can adjust our templates + tasks to work best for you.

What if my TC gets sick or has an emergency, or what if they get overloaded?

We’ll handle it! Your main TC will document your preferences and proactively train a secondary TC. If your main TC ever needs assistance, they’ll seamlessly loop in another TC to help out! You’ll be covered 100% of the time.

What kind of transactions can you do?

While we can't cover transaction coordination for your commercial contracts, wholesale contracts, or leases, we can handle every other kind of transaction you’d like to throw at us!

What hours does my TC work?

Your dedicated Transaction Coordinator works 9-5p CST Monday through Friday!

Do I have to pay an onboarding fee?

Nope! There is no onboarding fee. No monthly commitment. No cancellation fees. No hidden fees. No charge if your deal doesn’t close.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We do not require you to sign a contract. We operate on a ‘per file’ basis. We do need you to sign a billing agreement at onboarding, but we won’t charge you until we close your first transaction.

How does billing work?

Super easy! During onboarding, we'll send you a "Billing Authorization Form" where you can enter your credit card information. Charges for any closed transactions will be completed by credit card by the 10th of the following month (for example if you close 1 deal in November, we'll automatically bill you by 12/10). At this time, we can't receive payments directly from your escrow company.

What does onboarding look like?

  1. You’ll have a ~15 minute white-glove onboarding call with your dedicated Account Manager. They will ask you a few questions to “dial in” our processes to work best for you. Book an onboarding call here!
  2. We’ll ask you for a few logins we need to get started.
  3. We’ll introduce you to your TC. Then, we're ready to get started on your first contract!
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