CTC & Compliance

We've built the most intelligent contract-to-close & compliance platform on the planet.

Mission Control

You & your agents can quickly reference mission control for each transaction to check critical dates, parties to the transaction, & documents. Quickly make notes & message your team from mission control.

CTC Tasks & Task Templates

Contract-to-Close involves completing the same process & set of tasks for each transaction & transaction type. Use our templates or build your own & automatically launch/assign them at different stages of the transaction.

Central Document Storage for Compliance

Let your agents & backoffice staff use one system for everything. They will upload all compliance documents to each transaction, which is stored for you in the cloud for compliance.

Easy Messaging

CTC messages the same parties to any transaction almost exclusively. Quickly send messages with pertinent docs to your own staff/agents, cooperating agent, escrow, lender, & clients.


All critical dates & deadlines are stored on your Transactify calendar, which syncs w/ Google, iCal, or Outlook.