Seller Transaction Coordination

We have completed thousands of seller-side Transaction Coordination files and our systems are extremely thorough. Every state has its own set of documents & the process can vary to some degree, so we have separate state-specific task lists to address these differences. Our basic checklist is the same, though, which you can see below. Compliance? We successfully work with every brokerage & system in North America.

Under Contract! (Day 0)

  • Well, hello! We’ll send a friendly email to the buyer’s agent, escrow, & the lender letting them know who we are. We send a separate email to your clients introducing ourselves. We then send an email introducing your clients to the escrow team.
  • We’ll immediately change the status in the MLS to “Pending/Under Contract.” Was it also listed for lease? We’ll change that, too.
  • Social Media! We’ll put together a great looking “Under Contract” image for you and post it on Instagram, Facebook, & Google.
  • We’ll send a quick email to the buyer’s agent to see if the inspection has been scheduled and then communicate this information to you & your clients.
  • We send a helpful email to all parties that includes all pertinent contact information, important milestones, & imporant information to the contract.

1 Day After the Contract Executed Date

  • We request a copy of the receipted earnest money contract from escrow and begin building out your compliance package for submission to your broker.
  • We’ll collect the signed property disclosure and add it to your compliance package.
  • We’ll shoot you (and your assistant) a quick reminder to put out an “under contract” rider on your yard sign.

1 Day After the Inspection Period has passed

  • Was an amendment agreed upon? We’ll update your system, file any amendment, and add it to your compliance package.
  • We'll let the lender and title know that the inspection period has passed so that they can get to work on anything that might be contingent upon that.
  • Will this be a remote closing? We’ll check and then notify the lender & escrow, if so.
  • We proactively send the utilities info to the buyer’s agent early in the process (now) to make sure they have plenty of time to get everything scheduled.

On the Appraisal Deadline Date

  • Did the appraisal make value? We’ll check with the lender to confirm that it’s in and there aren’t any issues. When we confirm that everything is good, we’ll send a friendly email letting you and your clients know!

14 Days Before Closing

  • Was the title commitment sent and is title clear? We’ll follow up to make sure everything looks good.
  • Is there a seller lease back? If so, we’ll check on the lease details and remind escrow so that they can prepare the settlement statement accordingly.
  • Don’t forget to schedule to shut off your utilities! We shoot a quick note to your clients reminding them. (Unless there’s a seller lease back.)

7 Days Before Closing

  • Did you stage the property? We’ll check and shoot you (and your assistant) a quick reminder to destage, if necessary.
  • We’ll check with the buyer’s agent to see if they plan to do a final walkthrough. We’ll let you & the sellers know what the plan is (or isn’t.)
  • Were any repairs negotiated during the inspection period? We’ll check with you and pass along any paid invoices, pictures, or notes.
  • Compliance review! We’ll submit your contract package to your broker.
  • Psssst. Don’t forget to get your clients a closing gift! (We’ll email you to remind you.)

3 Days Before Closing

  • Did your compliance package get kicked back? You don’t have to worry about it, because we do.
  • We’ll confirm the transaction financials with you and request a Commission Disbursement Authorization from your broker.
  • Has the settlement statement been sent to your clients or is it on the way? We’ll check with escrow to make sure that this detail is handled.

1 Day After Closing

  • We follow up with escrow to get your clients’ birthdays and enter the info into your CRM.
  • Just Sold! We put together a great social media image for you and post it on Google, Instagram, & Facebook.
  • Was this a great transaction? We’ve checked with you ahead of time and we send a review request (from you) to your clients.
  • THANK YOU! We shoot you a quick reminder to thank all parties and then send a “thanks” email from us and you to escrow, the listing agent, & your clients.
  • Birthdays and mailing address! We'll make update your database to make sure that it's complete.
  • Anything else? We understand that agents use different CRM & SOI marketing systems and we make sure to close everything out accordingly.


Every brokerage has a unique compliance process with different systems for submission. We happily work through every process & system to make sure that your contract package is accepted ASAP (so that you receive your commission as quickly as possible!)

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