Review Automation

  • Do you email every quality cooperating agent after a successful transaction?
  • Does every agent in your office email every happy client & request a review?
  • Do you email every buyer or seller your agents close to see how your agent & agency performed?

Your answer is probably, "No, but I know that I should."

Transactify automatically sends a review request to your agents' happy clients after closing (from that agent.) Transactify also sends a recruiting email to the cooperating agent when it's a great transaction (from you.) Finally, Transactify sends a Quality Control email to your agents' clients after closing so that you can get honest feedback on your agents' performance (from you.) Worried about sending these emails when the transaction wasn't so great? Don't worry. We have you covered.

Sounds pretty great, right? It is.

We've sent thousands of clients & agents review requests, recruiting emails, & quality control surveys. We've helped agents & brokerages get thousands of reviews and we've helped brokers open up hundreds of conversations with agents who would be a good fit for their firm.

Our templates, frequency, & settings are fully customizable, but we have the secret sauce. Here it is:

Review Request to Client (from agent)

This email will send an email to an agent's client(s) 1 day after closing & gather a review for the agent.

Sent 1 day after closing if the client is rated 4+ stars.

EMAIL SUBJECT: Thanks For Your Business! A Quick Request?



I wanted to reach out and thank you again for your business! It was a pleasure working with you and I’m very excited that we were able to help you with your sale.

I do have a favor to ask. Would you mind leaving me a review online? Most buyers and sellers check the internet when they’re evaluating agents and reviews from past clients help me considerably. Please let me know if that's something you'd be willing to do and I can send over the links.

Thank you!


Quality Control to Client (from broker)

This email will send out from the broker's email address 3 days after closing in order to gather a review for the entire brokerage. These are also a great way to get feedback from clients on how tour agents can improve.

Sent 3 days after closing if the client is rated 3+ stars.




Thank you very much for your business! I am the broker at [[[[INSERT COMPANY NAME]]]]. I wanted to personally thank you for working with us on your sale at {PROPERTY_ADDRESS}.

I always like to recognize agents when they do a great job and I also like to find areas that we can do better as a company or that our agents can do better. If you have time, would you mind letting me know how your transaction went and if there is anything that we or {AGENT_FIRST_NAME} could improve upon?



Agent Recruiting Email (from broker)

These Agent Recruiting emails are a great way to open up conversations with agents that your company is working with & recruit them to your team. This email will send to cooperating agents rated 4+ stars (you or your agents will need to rate the agent on their contact page) 2 days after closing.

EMAIL SUBJECT: Thank you for your excellent work!



I’m [[[[BROKER NAME]]]], broker for [[[[BROKERAGE NAME]]]]. I want to congratulate you on the closing for {PROPERTY ADDRESS}.

Our agent {AGENT_FIRST_NAME} {AGENT_LAST_NAME}, who co-brokered this transaction with you, notified me you were an exceptional agent to work with. Thank you for the professional way you conduct your business. You’re a true credit to the real estate industry.

Please let me know there is anything else we can do to improve the level of service or training as a brokerage firm. See you in the neighborhood.


-- [[[[SIGNATURE]]]]